Goswin Schwendinger


Exhibition at Galera San Soda, Milan

Goswin Schwendinger’s work acts as a reminder of how an art practice can confront rather than surrender to an ever-growing politeness or to already accepted forms of provocation.

In his new work, TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER, Schwendinger’s approach is to highlight scientific knowledge and confront that with the discipline’s own shortcomings and limitations. Through his installation we are being immersed and suspended within a seemingly timeless space contemplating the impossibilities, imperfections, contradictions and complexities of the World Condition. This experience invites us to search for a collaborative, if not collective interconnectedness with the growing urgency to by-pass social, political and economical conventions and restraints towards a shared consciousness.

Occurring Glade
(Onkey/Donkey) video 15:02 mins