Goswin Schwendinger

I Don’t Want It Anymore, Group Show, Biscuit Factory, 2019

Goswin Schwendinger’s practice is positioned on the peripheries of science and knowledge.  A field where questions of explainability and plausibility instantly arise and are often left unanswered. Schwendinger offers us a reading of a world where possible responses can perhaps be seen, felt and heard but not necessarily explained. It is in this grey zone, a liminal space, that today’s world needs to be navigated and where separation and dualisms shall ideally turn into the possibilities of inclusion. A wishful thought perhaps, but one that Schwendinger draws from. I Don't Want It Anymore is a an immersive moment, created in collaboration with electronic producer Quenum, who, through his long friendship with the artist is able to create relating soundspheres.  A reworked painting by the astronomer Charles Piazzi Smyht depicts a romantic representation of man vis-à-vis the universe, a romanticised individualism that feeds off of the separation from a universal continuum. A hand painted phrase I Don’t Want It Anymore is an urgent call for immediate de-programming in radical empathy.

Audio of Quenum’s live performance:

Meanwhile at the Ken Langley Building, a run-down school building, 3 miles away in Deptford, Schwendinger played simmultaneously a sound piece in the staircase as part of this group show

Below a view of the Ken Langley Building’s stair case
and sound installation.