Goswin Schwendinger


Goswin Schwendinger is an Austrian artist living and working in London. He studied from 2018 to 2020 at the MFA program at Goldsmiths, University of London. He also received an MSc in Architecture from the ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

Goswin’s practice is positioned on the peripheries of science, knowledge and perception; a field where questions of explainability and plausibility instantly arise and are often deemed to be left unanswered. Goswin offers us a reading of a world where possible responses can perhaps be seen, felt, heard and understood but not necessarily explained. For Goswin it is in this grey zone, a liminal space, that today’s world needs to be navigated and where universal notions of separation shall ideally turn into the possibilities of intrinsic inclusion. A wishful thought perhaps, but one that Goswin draws from predominantly. His work inherently addresses systems and structures of power and domination with attempts to dissolve or transgress those territories of authority through offering the viewer an environment of reflection, a safe space where personal and universal temporalities can be reordered and reevaluated.

The materiality of Goswin’s work often addresses the effects of the clash between the analog and the digital. He works with installations, sculpture, sound, video and performance.

2018 Solo show, Marg Atsni Goes Bonkers, Tungsten Gallery, Vyner Street, London

2019 Solo show, TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER, Galera San Soda, Milan, Italy

Recent group shows include:

Limassol Art Walks 2023, City Centre Sea View Penthouse at Oceanic. Korai Project Space

Botanicals, Lea Bridge Library Pavilion, London

Ghostshow, Peckham

False Clarity, Frappant Galerie, Hamburg. 

Me and my friends, Korai, Project Space, Nicosia, Cyprus

Else/Where, Biscuit Factory, London

Radical Empathy, Goldsmiths College, London